THRIVE Online Health Program

Looking to find out what's missing in your quest to achieve better health? Looking for a complete and sure-fire way to achieve the healthy body, mind, and lifestyle you desire? Then the THRIVE Online Health Program is just for you!

This 8 step holistic health program provides everything you need to figure out what's missing in your approach in order to solve your lingering health challenges. This includes ALL the "secrets" every health expert knows, how to properly identify your issues and resolve them, and direct support from accomplished natural health professionals. It's the ultimate solution to help create health independence!

This simple but powerful plan to obtain true health is a compilation of over a decade of experience and 3000 hours of research that has helped thousands of people figure out what they were missing so they could uproot the cause of their symptoms, and go on to live a happier and healthier life. 



The THRIVE Online Health Program is unique in that it provides you with the intelligence you need so you can find what's missing in your plan in order to get healthy!

"The THRIVE online holistic health program has helped set the standard for living a healthy and holistic lifestyle.  Derek has done a remarkable job in creating an easy to follow program that provides essential information to help alleviate various health concerns, and achieve optimal health. It is also very complimentary for anyone using conventional or alternative health practitioners, and should be considered an important piece to overcoming health concerns and recovering your quality of life."

- Dr. Chris Spooner, B.Sc., N.D. - Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine


"I've been covering alternative health topics for over 10 years, and I've NEVER seen a course as comprehensive and concise as THRIVE. It takes the burden of information overload and breaks it down into easy to understand principles so you can take decisive and clear action on your path to lifelong wellness."


- Mike Adams (Health Ranger) - Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Natural News

Online Delivery System

Our online delivery of written and audio materials that can be downloaded at any time after their release, makes sure you can become healthy in the comfort of your own home and on your specific schedule. No need to attend a class or go to a clinic - our team of health experts will show up "virtually" in your home to tell you exactly what to do in order to get healthy in 8 specific steps. 

Lifetime Support

A major part of becoming healthy is having direct support from an experienced team of health professionals. The THRIVE Private Care Clinic allows you to interact directly with a highly qualified natural health professional so you can get specific answers to your most pressing concerns, 5 days a week! You can also interact with other participants who are adopting the THRIVE lifestyle, and share notes, recipes, insight, and more! 

A Word From The Creator, Derek Henry, B. Kin.

"I created THRIVE because I truly feel that people deserve the specific and well-organized information that they require in order to be truly well. I know that by following and completing this program participants will have the knowledge that 99% of people don't, and with our direct support, they have the absolute best opportunity to become well."